About EduKit


EduKit is a social enterprise that is supporting schools to improve outcomes for students in 2 ways:


1. EduKit Connect directory, used by over 900 youth development organisations to showcase their services for students and schools, provides educators with instant access to thousands of youth development organisations - many with free, high quality services for schools: www.edukit.org.uk


2. EduKit Insight, an innovative analytics service, offers schools a powerful, easy to use tool that helps them to track Pupil Premium spend and outcomes as well as to run Student wellbeing survey for students at the school. Allows schools to compare results across gender, year group etc within their school and to benchmark their results against those of other participating schools: about.edukit.org.uk/insight


EduKit offers a range of free and low-cost services to schools and youth service providers and the team is always on hand to provide advice, support and access to free resources.

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