How It Works

The EduKit Student Well-Being Survey is available for all secondary school students, Years 7 to 13 and primary school students in Years 5 and 6. Covering 14 key thematic areas including Self-esteem, Diet and Eating, Friendships and Internet safety, this easy to use survey is an effective means of assessing the holistic well-being of students and comparing results against other year groups within the school and at other schools across the country.


The Survey is On-line

EduKit Insight allows your students to answer the survey questions on-line and for you to have access to the results immediately. This is possible because when you subscribe to EduKit Insight, the student data within your school MIS is securely transferred to our data centre. This means that the well-being survey results are stored against the student records. All your student data is then in one place.


You can compare year groups to each other, or genders, or even compare your school's results with all the data we have received. The survey is available to run for all your students up to 3 times a year (Autumn, Spring and Summer terms). There are no caps in the number of students that can take part. So not only can you see how your students feel about Internet Safety or Self Image or their Environment you can see how this changes over time.




Intervention Tracking

EduKit Insight makes it easy to record interventions that students have received. Maybe funded from their Pupil Premium Grant or another support budget, or maybe it was free. By capturing how students feel about different aspects of their lives through the year you can better understand how those interventions are working.